ICR Vienna Colloquium

20-22 May 2020



                                    DIE ROMANTIK AN DER KREUZUNG

                                    LE ROMANTISME À LA CROISÉE DES CHEMINS


Welcome to the website for the 2020 International Conference on Romanticism colloquium, hosted by Brigham Young University and the Austro-American Institute of Education.  The conference focus is “Romanticism at the Crossroads,” suggesting Vienna as the crossroads of Europe; various cross-fertilizations of Romanticism across national and linguistic borders; many kinds of cross-linguistic contacts; the relationship of Western manifestations with Eastern European of Romanticism, as well as Northern with Southern Romanticism; kinds of interest between Romantic authors across frontiers; Romantic Orientalism; Romanticism and nineteenth-century international political and economic developments; the interrelationship of Romantic literature with Romantic music, Romantic philosophy, Romantic painting, and the like; Romantic travelers; images of one culture in another’s Romanticism; etc.  These ideas and approaches are just suggestions from among a large pool of possible acceptable paper topics –let your imagination lead you.


Paper Abstracts are due on 10 December 2019..